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Ryan. 21.
United States
Current Residence: college.
Favourite genre of music: melodic death metal
Favourite style of art: traditional
Skin of choice: the smooth kind
at the beginning of the year i started trying to do at least one little doodle a day, which is sort of lame because i should really be doing 5 or 10, and theyre for the most part referenced. so im not sure if ill post any of them up here because of that. might be gone for a while. 
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: More importantly, its loud
  • Reading: Nothing, theres no text yet durr
  • Watching: My free time melt away
  • Playing: that loud music i mentioned earlier
  • Eating: pasta and vodka sauce
  • Drinking: Milk

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What do you think of the new ajani? Pumping creatures searching creatures and planeswalkers and gives 100 life as ultimate. I guess he will be worth much because of all non standard playmodes wont he? I hope i pull at least one from my booster box. Definately preorder one.
a friend of mine is planning to run it with kiora, i cant say im a fan. if i open one ill run it but otherwise i wont go out of my way. still trying to pick up some arid mesas for modern.
Oh there is a potential to form a good bant deck with him i guess. Im sadly not sure if i can go to prerelease because i got an operation next tuesday. At least i will preorder 1 booster box.
The rotationnin standard is annoying sometimes but the cards in the other formats are too expensive for me. The latest thing that i will get soon is an altered playset of duskmantle seers
ive been working on modern for a while so it hasnt been that much, best thing about it is it doesnt change as frequently as standard. good luck with that operation dude. 
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You're welcome! You know as an artist I'm not really that good but i am more stressed as a writer, that even I created my own character I call him Edward Metal-Heart a man of metal and flesh of thousand thirty years Emperor of The Metal Kingdom of New Britain the most technologically advanced empire Ooo where used to be located in the British Isles. Edward is a true Metalhead used to be called Edward Robert Dickinson (obvious tribute to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest :D (Big Grin)) He came from a British family with resources and was the son of two scientists (his family were in fact the owners and founders of the major technology company in the British Empire and the world specialized in medical technology, telecommunications, transport, genetic engineering and armaments somewhat similar to the Marvel Comics Stark Industries) that investigating a way to merge metals with organic matter to bring humanity to a new evolutionary leap with his partner Godfrey an android that was the best friend and mentor Edward since she was a child, He born on October 20, 1987 Godfrey took care of his education being taught in different physical and intellectual disciplines trained in multiple arts, sciences, combat sword, handling advanced weaponry including military training in survival, combat and engineering and the eve of December 21, 2012 at age 25 years old was genetically altered with super-human strength and regeneration of wounds and diseases faster but with the side effect that he can't grow old, his skin and bones after they were injected with a dense liquid metal alloy of titanium and iridium was eventually forced to a cryogenic dream that lasted 200 years after the Great War of mushrooms in an underground complex under the mansion of him family. Edward was 1.82 meters tall with long wavy black hair and green eyes also had an athletic constitution and after of his modifications turned his skin, hair and eyes silvery. His skin, his bones and some part of their organs and muscle mass are of a metal compound almost as hard as diamond but becomes flexible as skin under suitable conditions. The structure of your body is so dense that it can even cut glass with nails, his metabolism is more developed than that of a human when him need to consume drugs him must be given doses 6 times more concentrated using hypodermic needles made of cultured diamonds.
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